Customer Service & Research

NBAC Customer service Representatives are available to assist you with research, account reconciliation and account maintenance issues.  Below are some of the services available:

Stop Payment Orders:  A stop payment order is an order from the customer to his or her bank to revoke a specific payment authorization.  Stop Payment orders are pre-emptive orders, in that the order must be places prior to the item being presented to the Bank for payment.

To execute a Stop Payment order in relation to a check or a pre-authorized automatic payment, please contact the Bookkeeping department.  A verbal stop payment order will be considered valid for a period of 14 days, but will need to be followed by a signed Stop Payment order form.  Stop Payment Orders are subject to fees.

Chargebacks/Disputes: While a Stop Payment order is a pre-emptive request to block payment of a specific un-presented item, a Chargeback or Dispute may be initiated in certain circumstances for an automatic transaction or Visa Debit Card transaction that has already posted against an account.  All electronic transactions are governed by the Federal banking Regulation E.  Reg. E allows a consumer 60 days from the statement date on which the item appears, to contest the charge.  Our Customer Service Representatives will provide any customer who meets the requirements of Reg. E, a form initiating a dispute of an automatic or card-based transaction.  Any qualifying dispute will be forwarded to our Card Services or Bookkeeping Department.  For qualifying disputes, the Bank make provide provisional credit, according to the Regulation, for the item until the dispute is resolved.  The customer will be advised of the final determination of the dispute.  If the dispute or chargeback is approved the customer will retain the provisional credit; however, if the dispute or chargeback is denied, the provisional credit will be retracted.

Research/Account Reconciliation/Statement or Item Copies:  Our Customer Service Representatives can facilitate the resolution of most research, account and troubleshooting issues.  If you have questions regarding your account, dispute the accuracy of any item, need research conducted or copies of any documents, please contact any of our Bookkeeping Customer Service Representatives.  Research/Account Reconciliation/Statement or Item Copies are subject to fees.

Issues relating to Internet Banking or Visa Debit Cards:  Our Customer Service Representatives can be contacted directly by calling (937) 544-2361 or by emailing:

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