NBAC Visa Debit Cards

We are proud to offer the National Bank of Adams County customers the NBAC Visa Debit Card.  It looks like a credit card, but it works like a check.  Instead of using your charge cards, paying with cash, or writing a check, you can use your NBAC Visa Debit Card to make purchases or obtain cash withdrawals.  Since the NBAC Visa Debit Card is a debit card, your purchases and cash withdrawals are deducted from your National Bank of Adams County checking account. 

For added security, your NBAC Debit Card comes with a personal identification number (PIN) which is known only to you.

Please call us at 937-544-2361 for details or if you have any questions. 

VISA Debit Card Information — Lost, Stolen or Fraud

To report lost or stolen Visa Debit Cards, please immediately call the bank at (937) 544-2361.

If you have experienced fraud or your card has been lost or stolen, please call the bank as soon as possible and inform them of the situation.  If it is after hours, please press 1 when calling the bank to be connected to Card Century, our debit card provider where you can request the card to be closed immediately.  If this is done, please contact the bank during banking hours to have another card ordered.

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