Wire Transfer Services

A wire transfer is an immediate electronic funds transfer made between banks on behalf of a customer.  The National Bank of Adams County has the ability to receive and send wire transfers.  All outgoing wire transfers must be requested in person by account holders at the bank.  No phone request or written request are allowed.

Incoming Wires:

The bank may receive funds by wire on behalf of any account holder.  Incoming wires must be initiated by contacting the sending bank and may not be ordered by contacting the receiving bank (National Bank of Adams County).  If you are expecting funds to be delivered to your NBAC account by wire transfer, the following information must be supplied to the sender of a domestic wire:

Receiver Bank Name: National Bank of Adams County
Receiver Bank Address: 218 North Market Street, West Union, OH 45693
Receiver Bank Routing Number: 042207379
Beneficiary Bank Account Number:____________________
Beneficiary Name:  Name of recipient’s account as titled with the Bank.

Funds received prior to the Bank’s end-of-day cut off will be posted to the recipient’s account on the date of receipt.  Funds received after end-of-day will be posted on the following business day.  Wired funds are considered “collected” funds and will be available for over-the-counter withdrawal immediately, upon receipt. 

Outgoing Wires:

A domestic wire transfer may be accomplished for any customer under the following circumstances:  Only “memo balances” funds may be wired out of the Bank.  Some checks or other financial instruments may be held by the Bank, and thus unavailable to wire until the deposited item(s) clears the Bank.  Please inquire about hold times if you plan to wire funds derived from a deposited item(s), a hold may delay your wire transfer.

Customers must visit the Bank in person to fill out and sign a Wire Transfer Request form.  Not-in-person wire transfer will not be permitted.  Domestic wires will be initiated on the same business day if request is received prior to 2 p.m.  Outgoing wires are subject to fees.

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